Metal Basket Himalayan Salt Lamps [Fire Cage 4-5kg]


Metal Basket Himalayan Salt Lamps [Fire Cage 4-5kg]

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A small hand carved organic shaped salt lamp, suitable for use within a home office or on workstation


Alcyon Himalayan Natural Salt Lamps are sourced from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Northern Pakistan.

Our lamps are made from salt crystals formed over 250 million years ago as ancient oceans dried up and settled in certain geologic pockets around the earth. Unlit, our lamps rough-hewn, irregular surface take on a colour pink due to the high iron content found within.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are known to create healthier, more breathable air in and around your home as the water contained within evaporates. It is through this process of evaporation that the lamps generate their negative ions which attached to the positive ions such as dust & other airborne pollutants making them heavy & thus, sinking to the ground.

Alcyon Himalayan Natural Salt Lamps:

  • All natural & hand carved with timer base
  • All lamps include black plated power cord & bulb [7w | 15w | 25w]
  • Provide a soft glow, making an ideal night light
  • Available with either White or Dimmable power cords
  • Absorb electromagnetic radiation from electric devices make idea in home or office
More Information
More Information
ALC HS Weight4-5 kg
ALC HS Size20x20x23 cm
ALC HS Salt ColourNatural Pink
ALC HS Bulb15w Incandescent
ALC HS ContentsAustralian Compliant Power Cable & Globe
ALC HS SuitedHome Office or Workstation

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